A Resource for Church Renewal

Offered by United Theological Seminary

Renewal Pheonix

Many local congregations in the United States and in Western Europe are struggling to survive. In virtually every Christian denomination, membership and worship attendance is on the decline, and spiritual and sacramental vitality is waning. Many churches are also struggling financially. To make matters even worse, church properties have not been well-maintained. And then there is the ever-present question that every church must ask itself, “How effective are we in creating disciples of Jesus Christ?”

Amid the struggle to survive, it is hardly surprising that churches and church leaders often lose sight of their divine calling. Churches that are on the brink of death are rarely centers of evangelistic and catechetical activity, nor are such churches capable of caring for the poor. In many quarters, the situation is truly grim. The church is not what God calls her to be. This is the bad news.

The good news is that there is an abundance of resources for churches and church leaders who are longing for renewal. Of course, the most important resource is the resource behind all resources, namely, the Holy Spirit. At United Theological Seminary, we believe that the Holy Spirit is present and at work in churches throughout the land, renewing and equipping them for the work of worship and ministry in the world.

This website is an attempt to gather resources that we believe can aid churches and church leaders in the long-haul work of renewal. These resources include blogs, videos, books, and conferences that offer insights and suggestions related to church renewal. Our hope and prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use these resources to inspire, encourage and equip churches and church leaders who are longing for renewal.