The Gifts of the
Small Church

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Small Church
William H. Willimon

Most books on church renewal are written by current or former large church pastors; they are written with large churches in mind; or they are written primarily with one goal in mind, namely, how to become a large church. Despite the fact that they make up the overwhelming majority of churches in America, we routinely ignore small churches. We rarely, if ever, stop to inquire about the insights or resources small churches might bring to our larger ongoing conversation about church renewal.  Indeed, our failure to learn from small churches may well be the largest gap in the vast and ever-growing literature on church renewal.

Jason Byassee’s The Gifts of the Small Church helps to fills to this gap. An inspiring and often humorous account of the unique gifts and graces of small churches, anyone who is presently serving a small church or who is working for church renewal should read this book.

Jason Byassee is Senior Pastor of Boone United Methodist Church, Boone, NC. He is an ordained elder on the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, as well as the author of numerous articles and books, including Praise Seeking Understanding: Reading the Psalms with Augustine and An Introduction to the Desert Fathers.

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