Worship Matters:
A Study for Congregations

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A Study for Congregations
Jane Rogers Vann

A “just out” book on worship by Jane Rogers Vann explores the core aspects of Christian worship with an eye to renewal. Worship Matters: A Study for Congregations (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2011), is written with pastors and lay leaders of congregations in mind. There are even helpful “Ideals and Questions for Discussion” following each chapter. Topics include the language of public worship, liturgical space, “using our bodies in worship,” the church year’s days and seasons, and liturgical song. We have needed this fine resource for some time now in our congregations. Vann does not draw the worn-out dichotomy between “traditional worship” and “contemporary worship.” Rather, she leads readers through the Great Tradition of the church’s worship of the Triune God and is alert to the twenty-first century cultural contexts of North American churches. This is an excellent resource for congregations exploring the renewal of their worship.

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